THE GODDESS WITHIN  3 – Part Fall Series


Karen’s Goddess Within Series has a way of helping me see myself in a new light, learn who I am, & realize who I want to become. Her activities, meditations, & journaling take me to a new level of understanding I could not reach on my own. -J.W

Thursday, September 20 – Aware of the Good Girl Pattern

Thursday, October 18 – Honor Her, Be With Her

Thursday, November 15 – Let Her Go & Be Free

 7:00 – 9:00 pm, Held in Derwood, MD

Are you tired of continually accommodating others?

Do you put being nice or pleasing others above your own needs and wishes?

Is your list of “should’s” leaving you depleted?

Do you rely on others’ approval to feel good about yourself?

Are you afraid of speaking your truths because of how it may affect others?


These are all aspects of the “good girl” and we all carry her in some way as long as we live in a patriarchal world. She may show up at work, with family, significant others, community, or with friends. She keeps us small, constricted, feeling not enough and hustling for unreachable perfection. She stops us from shining our lights with the voice of “Who do you think you are?”.  She keeps us safe but at the expense of freedom and true self-expression. As long as we hold on to her, it’s difficult to feel at ease with ourselves and to live as a fully awakened woman.

In this 3-month series you will…

  • Recognize when “good girl” is leading your life.aditya-saxena-410663-unsplash
  • Discover how she holds you back from your authentic self.
  • Understand why she has such power in your life.
  • Learn the difference between acting from “good girl” vs. from the goodness within.
  • Heal through connection with others in similar patterns.
  • Release her through powerful ritual.
  • Create action steps to move forward into a new way of being.

Release the “good girl” pattern and you will be set free…to be yourself, to live to your own beat,  to say no when you mean no, to show up as your most fiercely brave, authentic, confident self with maybe even a taste of your wild side!

Read my Blog post to learn more about this topic.

These 3 sessions with the circle has been very nurturing and validating for me.  I have enjoyed learning, sharing and healing.Your stories and warm personality are just what made each session worth the time and effort to attend. The length of the sessions, the types of topics discussed and the spiritual exercises were just wonderful. I enjoyed the ladies who shared and were very open and truthful about their own paths and experiences.I would highly recommend any woman (young or not so young) to attend and participate in your events, they will gain a new perspective on what it means to be a complete woman.- LaNae

Karen’s Goddess Within series is thought provoking and heart opening. Through sharing, rituals and a community of women everyone feels held and appreciated. – Barb

Gather with other awakening women to connect, to learn, to grow and to heal in a safe, supportive and warm circle. Each 3-Part series centers around a central theme that binds all women together. Each month we engage in soulful activities such as ritual, guided meditation, imagery, self-inquiry, journaling, intuitive receiving, sharing, healing sound, inspired movement,  transformational breathing, and soul-journeying. These 3-Part Series are open to all women, of all ages, no matter where you are on your inner journey.

And of course throughout the series you will have my support, the support of your sisters through a private Facebook group, and the support of the Universe as you continue to receive signs and messages along the way towards your highest path.

I look forward to joining you in Sacred Circle!
Please make payment in advance below. Preregistration is required.

3-Part Fall Series