Karen is full of wisdom and compassion. During my coaching session, she gently and patiently guided me to look deep within myself to find the answers. She brings great passion to her work and I felt very supported. After the coaching session, I was able to relax deeply into the Reiki treatment and felt great peace and ease. I highly recommend Karen’s coaching and Reiki treatments, and I left feeling vibrant and ready to take the next steps forward in my life.  -Lindsey

Karen provides a safe, warm and supportive space in which participants can share & grow. Her extensive training & experience, coupled with her positive, loving energy create an environment conducive to remarkable self-discovery. Throughout the series (Women Healing Women program), I explored my past, learned more about what’s currently working & not working in my life and set exciting goals for the future. Thank you! – Jenn

I am so grateful for the women’s sacred circle (Women Healing Women program). I was hesitant to join but really needed something to help me with changes going on in my life. This group was amazing. The exercises Karen lead us through really opened my eyes and my heart and helped me deal with the pain of the divorce I am going through. Even though we were each dealing with different issues, the practices we went through worked for all of us. I can’t say enough how wonderful this experience was. – S.B.S

I have taken many classes with Karen, but life has a habit of getting in the way of self-care. This daylong retreat spending time journaling, discussing, breathing and creating grounded me and renewed my sense of purpose to carry these soulful practices back home with me. Loved every minute of it! Nice to spend the day with fellow travelers/seekers of wisdom. It was like being in a cocoon and metamorphasized– Sandy F.

I have been coming to Karen’s monthly circles and retreats for the last 3 years and I love that I have a safe space to express myself. I have learned so much from Karen. She has helped me tremendously with my spiritual growth. Karen comes up with different and creative ideas for every retreat or meditation classes. I am very grateful for Karen being part of my journey. – Hemali V.

These 3 sessions with the circle (The Goddess Within Series) has been very nurturing and validating for me.  I have enjoyed learning, sharing and healing.Your stories and warm personality are just what made each session worth the time and effort to attend. The length of the sessions, the types of topics discussed and the spiritual exercises were just wonderful. I enjoyed the ladies who shared and were very open and truthful about their own paths and experiences.I would highly recommend any woman (young or not so young) to attend and participate in your events, they will gain a new perspective on what it means to be a complete woman. – LaNae

Karen has a way of helping me see myself in a new light, learn who I am, and realize who I want to become. Her activities, meditation, & journaling (The Goddess Within Series) take me to a new level of understanding that I could not reach on my own. – Jenn

Karen’s Goddess Within Series is thought provoking and heart opening. Through sharing, rituals & a community of women everyone feels held & appreciated. – Barb

Thank you SO much for a life-transforming Sacred Circle.   I really, really enjoyed it and have integrated everything I learned about myself in my year of transition.

– J.L.

With Karen you have found your sanctuary! She is a kind and loving soul who wanted to help you heal. Her Reiki sessions with you are comfortable. She explains everything and listens with a practiced ear and heart. I have never regretted my time what I have spent with Karen.

– A.A.

This (Women Healing Women Through Sacred Circle ) program gently made me aware of myself; my desires; and my impedances to accomplishing my desires. I’m leaving with a greater sense of self; a stronger support, and hope that if I follow through with my daily practice I will continue creating a much more meaningful life (as a Goddess). 

–  Z.F.

Coming in to awareness of oneself, this (Sacred) circle has been a great journey in acceptance and change. It is encouragement to seek your truth and desires. 

–  T.B.

This (Women Healing Women Through Sacred Circle) program is a probe into your soul, both the light and the darkness, which culminates in a celebration of yourself as a whole. 

– M.M.F

The Women Healing Women Through Sacred Circle opened my eyes to new ways of looking at my life and creating a positive, nurturing way to move forward. It’s a warm, safe space to explore beliefs that limit us, and finding ways to breakdown barriers and turn negatives into positives.

– M.A.

This group (Women Healing Women Through Sacred Circle) took the place of therapy for me. I always walked away with ‘food for thought.’

– Julia S.

The Women Healing Women Through Sacred Circle program allowed me the place to get quiet and explore aspects of myself.  Karen provides exercises/activities to help the women delve deeper.  Like most things in life, if you want to go deep, it is up to you.  I continue to think about many things shared in the group, after the group. 

– Vicki

It (Women Healing Women Through Sacred Circle) was a special time in sacred space with kindred spirits growing together.


This (Women Healing Women Through Sacred) Circle takes you on a journey to the inner world of your soul in a safe, supportive environment of other women on the same journey.  Learning how to ask myself what I need and want was a new and rewarding experience. It’s so important to figure that out and it never crossed my mind to ask my heart.

-Beth S.

I felt my sense of “intuition” needed a “pencil sharpener”. Not only was the (Women Healing Women Through Sacred Circle) circle a unique sharpener, I would liken the container to a genie in a bottle, limited only by my willingness to participate.  Karen’s attention to detail, concise use of time with so much knowledge to share was most positive.


The Women’s Monthly Circle helps me sense the connection between my mind, body, spirit, and earth.  The powerful healing energy of the group renews and inspires me.


Once a month for the past year and a half I have spent a delightful 2 hours at the Women’s Circle. I always leave this group of women with more joy, energy, openness of ideas, and relaxation. It treats my soul with gentleness and ease. It fulfills my inner self.


Karen’s passion and genuine care for her client’s well-being shows through in her classes and in her one on one sessions.  Because she takes the time to personalize her time with you, I finally have the tools to bring myself peace.
– Anne H.

Karen’s combination of yoga and Reiki is wonderful.  I leave class feeling energized and grounded at the same time!  Her focus on the mind-body connection enhances your practice; and her attention to detail, and adjustment in poses, allows you to get the full benefit from each pose.
– Amanda L.

Karen is a true yoga teacher. She administers to the mind, body and spirit of each of her students, teaching not only poses, but offering insight and grace as well. I’ve had the opportunity to practice with other yoga instructors, and Karen is the one I always, always return to.
– Susan D.

I’d never experienced Reiki before going to Karen, and I’ll admit I was a little bit skeptical! But she provides such a safe, peaceful environment that now I’m hooked!
– Susan D.

I have been working with Karen in private yoga/Reiki sessions. She is a meticulous instructor, leaving me feeling confident and strong.  I feel supported not only in my yoga practice but on a spiritual level too!  She is incredibly intuitive and caring.  Best hour of my day!
– A.R.

Karen’s restorative workshops are relaxing and soothing.  The combination of yoga and Reiki is a true escape from my busy schedule!
– Amanda L.

Karen is a master of gentleness and kindness with a powerful knowledge of the Reiki principals. The Reiki class was just amazing and illuminating. A memorable and fabulous day!

-Martine E.

I most enjoy Karen’s way of teaching. It is so gentle, loving and done in a very humble way. The pace of the activities was just perfect. I loved every minute of this beautiful day!

-Martine E.

It (the Reiki class) is an experience and a teaching for life. I felt empowered with this journey of healing and love. I felt the class was amazing and the energy was felt throughout the day.

-Y. Morales

My experience in this class (Reiki) was wonderful. I would like all my dear friends to come, enjoy and share this wonderful experience with me.

-Patty A.

Wonderful class (Reiki) with plenty of information and high vibration from a great teacher!

-Shelby S.

After taking Reiki 1 and receiving Reiki with Karen, I have noticed a healing starting in me. I started to let go of the hurt, resentment and pessimism I’ve held onto for years. I am no longer living in the victim and self pity role. I’ve noticed things still anger me in the moment, but I don’t let it take a hold of me and consume me anymore. I am withholding myself from being drawn into other peoples’ chaos. Releasing the negative has helped me think more clearly, rationally and with a sense of calm allowing me to be honest with myself and with others. Continuing the circle, people have noticed a change in me and our bonds have improved greatly as a result.

I’m starting to be my true self and returning to the positive person I want to be. I feel content, wise, confident, optimistic, strong, complete and grateful. It’s an amazing feeling to feel so light and happy.

-Anne H.