Escape into a blissful experience of restoratives with the healing energy of Reiki. The evening includes gentle warming poses to shift out of scattered energy and restoratives with Reiki to fully let go. Restoratives are longer held poses using props for complete support and comfort of body.  I will offer short Reiki applications using light touch as you relax into your true being. Deep layers of stress and tension will melt away as your body, mind and spirit heal and renew. If you’ve never experienced Reiki, this is a perfect opportunity.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

7-8:30 pm

All levels welcome.

Registration: $30


Shift Your Resolutions to a Whole New Level

Saturday, January 5, 1-3 pm 

Are you tired of making New Year’s resolutions that fall through the cracks by mid-January?

Bring your resolutions or intentions for 2019 to this workshop where together we’ll take them from just vague wishes and into real action steps for successfully moving forward toward your goal. Most resolutions dissolve within the first couple weeks of the New Year because you’re not meaningfully addressing the inner stuff that holds you back from outer success. If you’re telling yourself over and over you’re not worthy, then your chances are pretty slim for keeping up a regular fitness routine or a meditation practice through the dark winter months and into spring. Imagine what it would feel like to harness this New Year energy all year long, in a way that serves not only your resolution but your highest self, even trickling into all areas of your life.

In this workshop you will…

  • Connect with what you really want
  • Identify and connect to the core thought, feeling & emotion that keeps you stuck
  • Establish a new pattern of thinking & feeling to move you forward
  • Design a step by step plan for the next month toward your resolution
  • Gather in sacred circle where you’ll feel safe and supported

No yoga mat needed. Bring a journal, pen & your resolution or intention.

Fee: $25


 Fuel Your Yoga Practice with Divine Guidance
No New Date at This Time
 Are you a business owner or group leader who would be interested in this workshop? I would love to share this with your people.
“This workshop was a beautiful way to learn about intuition and how to trust your inner wisdom. Karen is incredibly knowledgeable and provides a loving and supportive environment that encourage soul growth.” – J.G.

What if you could tune into a well of inner wisdom while on your yoga mat, coming away with insight and clarity on all sorts of life issues? This introductory workshop is for anyone who is curious about how to develop their intuition, using yoga as the vehicle.  Intuitiveness is innate in all of us. We simply lose touch with it as we assume more responsibility and busyness in our life. It’s like a muscle, so the more we tune in to it, the stronger it becomes. Our yoga mat is a great place for exploring our intuitive potential.

“It was so helpful to learn the way I receive wisdom from my highest self! Karen has such a loving presence and creates a safe space to explore. I highly recommend this workshop!”. – M.V.

Our time together will include gentle, restorative & Yin yoga as well as lecture and guided imagery meditation.  Some yoga experience is helpful.

You will learn:

  • What’s in the way of you being more intuitive
  • The optimal conditions for intuition
  • How to discern intuition from impulse or reasoning
  • Exercises for tuning in & receiving guidance on & off your mat
  • How to intuitively practice yoga

“Intuition is a doorway that reveals a higher reality and clearer experience of the Divine.” – Penney Peirce

Registration: $45
 Some yoga experience helpful