Women Healing Women Through Sacred Circle

Part A


Tuesdays, 7-9 pm

April 17 – June 5 (no circle May 15)

Held at The Happy Yogi, Olney Loft

Program is 7 Sessions for $280

“How might your life have been different if there had been a place for you? A place for you to go…a place of women, to help you learn the ways of woman…a place where you were nurtured from an ancient flow sustaining you and steadying you as you sought to become yourself? A place of women to help you find and trust the ancient flow already there within yourself …waiting to be released…a place of women…How might your life be different?”  –Circle of Stones by Judith Duerk

A long, long time ago the feminine was revered. Women are now more and more coming together in circle to remember and reclaim what was so long ago lost and what is now calling us forth.


Are you in transition and wondering what’s next?

Do you often feel you’re not enough and play your life small?

Have you been taking care of others for so long that you’ve forgotten what you yourself want or need?

Do you wish to connect with other awakening women in a safe, supportive and meaningful way?

Come home to yourself in this rich self-discovery program, feeding your soul with what it most yearns for and growing towards the woman you are meant to be. This program will stretch your inner world in new and powerful ways. You will gather each week in warm, safe space within a circle of compassionate, supportive women. Dive into your well of inner wisdom to explore who you are, what you want, and where you are going. Transcend what limits you and awaken to what is true. Connect deeply to yourself and receive full-heartedly from others. Step into the wide spectrum of your being through the Divine Feminine energies, the light and the dark.

Each week will include ritual, guided meditations, self-reflection, journaling, sharing, movement & creative expression.

This program provides opportunities to…

  • Learn new practices for body, mind, heart and energy health
  • Cultivate self-love and acceptance
  • Build confidence in accessing your inner wisdom
  • Claim, honor, and trust yourself
  • Grow in spiritual connection

All women of all ages are welcome in this circle regardless of where you think you are on your path. Each week builds on the week before as we progress through our inner journeys. Regular attendance is important. You’ll receive suggested assignments to take home and ongoing support by Karen. Preregistration is required by April 14.

Here’s what past participants had to say:

“Amazing! Wonderful opportunity for increased insight in a warm, compassionate circle of women. Bringing together so many opportunities for self-reflection – finding what speaks to me and incorporating it into my life. ” – L.J.

“This program allowed space for me to grow and propel me forward on my spiritual journey.” – J.K.

“This was a fun and interesting way to explore my inner self in a safe environment.” – A.R.

“This program helped me to validate who and what I am and where I am on this spiritual path called life. It is about self-growth and development including validation of who you are.” – L.W.

“This circle is a great and safe space to find yourself.” – K.T.

“The Sacred Circle opened my eyes to new ways of looking at my life and creating a positive, nurturing way to move forward. It’s a warm, safe space to explore beliefs that limit us, and finding ways to breakdown barriers and turn negatives into positives.” – M.A.

“This group took the place of therapy for me. I always walked away with ‘food for thought.'” – Julia S.

“It (Women Healing Women Through Sacred Circle) was a special time in sacred space with kindred spirits growing together.” –  MSW

The Women’s Sacred Circle allowed me the place to get quiet and explore aspects of myself.  Karen provides exercises/activities to help the women delve deeper.  Like most things in life, if you want to go deep, it is up to you.  I continue to think about many things shared in the group, after the group.”           – Vicki

“This circle takes you on a journey to the inner world of your soul in a safe, supportive environment of other women on the same journey.  Learning how to ask myself what I need and want was a new and rewarding experience. It’s so important to figure that out and it never crossed my mind to ask my heart.”   – Beth                                                                                                                

“I felt my sense of ‘intuition’ needed a ‘pencil sharpener’. Not only was the circle a unique sharpener, I would liken the container to a genie in a bottle, limited only by my willingness to participate.  Karen’s attention to detail, concise use of time with so much knowledge to share was most positive.” – Cindy





Women Healing Women Through Sacred Circle

Part B

Prerequisite: Women Healing Women Through Sacred Circle Part A (See above)

4 Wednesday Evening Sessions

Feb. 7, Feb 21, Mar. 7, Mar 21

7-9 pm

Healing Space in Derwood, MD

Fee: $140 for all 4 or $40 per session

Must Pre-Register to Hold Your Spot

E-mail Karen Your Dates Attending

We will go deeper into our soul work and aim bigger in our shifts. We’ll explore further some of the processes and practices learned in Part A as well as experience new exercises for coming back to wholeness. We will experience big shifts in loving and accepting ourselves while letting go of old identities and beliefs and tuning into that ancient wisdom that lies within us. Most importantly we’ll feel held in the circle of sisterhood, experiencing the power of being witnessed on our journey, our sisters as a mirror to our truth.

Without receiving genuine sisterhood, we remain girls. Competing with our sisters and endeavoring to reach an idealized version of perfection that is impossible to reach. – Rebecca Campbell, Rise Sister Rise

WEEK 1 (Feb 7) –  Self-Love to the Core

WEEK 2 (Feb 21) – Releasing into Our Power, Our Radiance

WEEK 3 (Mar 7) – Our True, Wise Self/Our Uniqueness

WEEK 4 (Mar 21) – Rising Up to a New Way of Being

Over these Eight Weeks or Four Sessions You Will Likely Experience:

  • The power of ritual & ceremony, bringing sacredness into the ordinary
  • Feeling held & supported by Spirit/Earth/Mother/Angels/Divine Feminine & Masculine Energies
  • The lineage of mothers before you, healing the patterns passed on
  • Dancing, breathing, creating & more
  • Your Most Amazing Self!

 I’m a woman. Phenomenallly. Phenomenal woman, that’s me. – Maya Angelou

Number of Sessions

Brand New:

Women’s Sacred Circles

3 – Part Spring Series



Thursday, April 26 – Balance of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

Thursday, May 24 – Healing the Mother Wound

Wednesday, June 13 – The Dark Mother & Our Shadows

Fee: $120 for all 3

7:00 – 9:15 pm

Held in Derwood, MD

Gather with other awakening women to connect, to learn, to grow and to heal in a safe, supportive and warm circle. Each 3-Part series centers around a central theme that binds all women together. Each month we engage in soulful activities such as ritual, guided meditation, imagery, self-inquiry, journaling, intuitive receiving, sharing, healing sound, inspired movement,  transformational breathing, and soul-journeying. These 3-Part Series are open to all women, of all ages, no matter where you are on your inner journey.

This Spring Series is all about connecting to your inner Goddess and the Divine Mother in all her forms. The Divine Feminine is rising up throughout our planet and within each of us, calling us to wake up, heal old wounds, come out of the shadows and courageously step forward into more of our Divine, whole selves. The way of the patriarchy just is not serving us any longer. There is another way…it’s honoring and balancing within ourselves the feminine and the masculine together. Furthermore, we are being supported, held, and encouraged by unseen forces like never before. The more of us who align with these forces, individual by individual, the quicker our planet will return back to balance. Won’t you join us during these powerful times? Throughout this series you will have the opportunity to…

  • Learn what the Divine Feminine/Masculine means
  • Understand your own imbalances of yin/yang, the feminine and masculine qualities
  • Receive insights into the changes you can make for more balance in your daily life
  • Discover who is part of your spirit team so you can tap into their guidance regularly
  • Recognize and heal wounds from your feminine lineage
  • Feel held by the Divine Mother and Goddess energies
  • Learn about the Dark Feminine energies, allowing them to shine light and love on your shadows

And of course throughout the series you will have my support, the support of your sisters through a private Facebook group, and the support of the Universe as you continue to receive signs and messages along the way towards your highest path.

I look forward to joining you in Sacred Circle!
Please make payment in advance below. Preregistration is required.

img_6942“The Women’s Monthly Circle helps me sense the connection between my mind, body, spirit, and earth.  The powerful healing energy of the group renews and inspires me.”   – Jessica

“I always leave this group of women with more joy, energy, openness of ideas, and relaxation. It treats my soul with gentleness and ease. It fulfills my inner self.” -Martine