What Does a Private Session Look Like?img_8942

When you step into my healing room you are walking into sacred space…space for you and I to walk together from your starting point towards the healed, most powerful and magnificent being that you are, back home in your soul.

Along the way we’ll explore and incorporate the healing modalities and practices that seem most appropriate for you.  Each session is customized and unique for wherever you are on your path.

This path may encompass beautiful scenic overlooks, winding passes, flowing rivers, smooth or bumpy trails, a few surprises and maybe even a detour. It may be a quick loop or a longer journey (backpacks included). We may have some company or we may be alone. You could even have a destination in mind or we just let ourselves be guided.

Whatever the path might look like for you, you can rest assured I will be by your side, as we navigate towards your true, wise self!

A session can include some combination of the following:

Reiki –  Energy healing that is spiritually guided using light touch or no touch. This may be done lying down on my table or sitting in a chair, fully clothed. You will feel completely relaxed and peaceful. Learn more about Reiki here.

Life Coaching –  If you are hard on yourself, I can help you cultivate self-love and acceptance. Struggling with tension, fears, self-doubts, imbalance, or any number of other issues, I can offer you tools, support and guidance. I can guide you towards recognizing what it is you wish to create in your life and help you develop a plan for getting there step by step.

Breath Work – The breath is the link between body, mind and spirit, earth to heaven. Most of us do not breathe nearly deep enough which keeps us closed up and contracted. I have the tools and experience to help you open yourself up through breath – clearing away much debris and stuck patterns in the body, mind, even repressed emotions such as grief and anger.

Guided Meditation/Visualization –  The type of meditation will vary and it may be different from what you know of as meditating.  It could be specifically guided for grounding, for energetic cleaning, for releasing of what’s not serving you, for stress relief, for manifesting something in your life, for becoming more aware of yourself as a spiritual being in human form.  This practice could be for the purpose of connecting to your intuition, your heart’s wisdom or your body’s wise messages.  We could even journey to your own personal sanctuary or to meet your spirit guides.

Spiritual Mentoring – I can help you with a variety of issues including but not limited to creating your own sacred space at home or developing a home spiritual practice. There is no one universal practice as each person’s lifestyle, spiritual understanding, personality and needs/desires are unique.  I’ll work with you in exploring a regular practice that is best suited for you and where you feel most comfortable and capable in connecting to Spirit/Divine/Universe/God/Goddess/All.

Soul Work – With the aid of our spirit guides I can guide you to meet up soul to soul with another to clear attachments from personal or work relationships or to heal a relationship (no physical presence needed).   I can help you connect with your soul for understanding and wisdom or to clear what blocks you from manifesting your dreams.



Your options include…

45 minutes of Life Coaching in Person or By Phone/Video

45 minutes of Life Coaching combined with 30 minutes of Reiki/Breathwork/Meditation/Soul Work

E-mail or Call me to schedule please