Imagine …6236211

your body fluttering with a deep knowing,

your mind clearing of its critical voice,

your heart revealing what is true,

your soul vibrating with powerful connection.


Now take a deep breath…let all the old stories your mind and others tell you about yourself and your life dissolve,

And imagine living with more CONFIDENCE, WELL-BEING, BALANCE, AND PURPOSE.

Your body, your heart and ultimately your soul have all the answers for living the extraordinary life you are meant to live.

No, you don’t have to see a psychic or be one yourself to tap into this infinite well of guidance, love and healing that is yours.

So drop your baggage on the porch, go through the door and welcome yourself home into all that you’ve been longing for on this journey of life.


When you feel at home in your soul…

the stresses of life are manageable,

your needs, desires and dreams are clear,

your life has meaning and purpose,

life’s bumps and bruises are opportunities to learn,

your relationships are reflections of yourself,

you act more from love, and less from fear,

you love, trust and accept yourself,

you feel held by a loving force,

you are powerful beyond measure,

anything is possible!


img_8704Hello! I’m Karen Tasto and I’m a women’s sacred circle facilitator, healer, yoga & meditation instructor, and spiritual mentor.

I facilitate women’s sacred circles as well as offer private in-person sessions, yoga instruction, Reiki instruction, workshops and retreats.  It would be my absolute pleasure to help you come home to your soul and into the amazing being that you are!